Friday, May 5, 2017

Shop- The Beginning

I'm finally building on the land. Its been a long time coming...and the plans and the location have changed over the years since I first bought the place. But that's life I guess!

But now I can see the final product in my mind. I dream about insulation, construction details and window layout.

I'll be trying to keep up with photos and a brief description about our project as it proceeds. Keep a check back here from time to time and follow the Shop Build album on my Flickr page.

We had the pad cleared and leveled along with some driveway improvements back in June 2016. The footers will be dug and poured beginning May 8, 2017.

The water meter from the city has been set but we still need to run our service line  to the pad. The electric company is anticipating their installation beginning sometime after May 15, 2017. 

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Memorial Photo Album- Martha Susan Moe Peters

Spent some time today finishing up (mostly) the scanning of many old photos for a memorial album dedicated to my Mom who passed earlier this year.

Hopefully you can follow the link below to view the photos if you like.  We are traveling to Idaho at the end of this month to visit our family there. I have a small stack of photos from the 1950's that I haven't added yet...Maybe Uncle John can help me sort them out when we get to north Idaho next week.  I think I recognize Mom in the photos..I just say "Who looks like my sister?"  and then I'm usually able to pick Mom out pretty easily because they almost look alike!    Best Mom Ever!  

Click Here to view Martha Susan Moe Peters Memorial Album

January 1, 2015

Martha Susan (Moe) Peters, 66

HOT SPRINGS, ARKANSAS-“All we had to do was look up,” say the daughters of 66 year old Susy Peters, who passed from this life on the morning of January 1, 2015.  “At 5’11” she was always easy to spot—head and shoulders above the crowd—if we got separated or lost…just look up.   And as we grew as tall as she, it never really changed.  If we needed a mother’s advice or a friend’s shoulder to cry on…we just looked up. She was always present.  I don’t see it changing now…if we need her—We’ll still just look up-She’ll be there.”

Martha Susan (Moe) Peters was born in Saint Maries, northern Idaho on May 22, 1948.  She enjoyed a happy childhood, graduating from St. Maries High School in 1966, when she then flew south and married her first love, Gary Dean Peters of Tishomingo, Oklahoma.  Moving from Oklahoma to Arkansas, together they raised their family.

Susy worked for Weyerhaeuser, starting on a tree planting crew in the early 70’s and then later as a forestry technician for the Weyerhaeuser Southern Tree Improvement Facility (Dancing Rabbit/Hot Springs), assisting in the development of genetic stock for improved productivity and sustainability. After relocating to Oklahoma, she continued to use her past work experiences to assist other young women with their education and employment opportunities.   She worked as an administrative assistant to the Displaced Homemaker and Non-Traditional Career Programs at Kiamichi Technology Center in Idabel, Oklahoma. Upon returning to Hot Springs she returned to Weyerhaeuser and retired from the mill at Mountain Pine shortly before its closure in 2006.

She loved swimming, whether the St. Joe River back home in Idaho or Lake Ouachita in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  A hot sunny day floating on the lake with cold fried chicken and a pitcher of margaritas was a perfect day out. She was quick to offer and provide help to those she knew and loved, but also to anyone who touched her heart-regardless of how long she knew you.  She loved music and loved to dance.  Ellington’s Satin Doll to Joe Stampley’s Soul Song to Tom Jones’ She’s A Lady.  

She is preceded in death by her father and mother, Erling Chrisitian Moe and Martha Gray Laws; a brother, Erling Christian Moe, Jr., and two sisters, Bobbie (Moe) Pendell, and Christine (Moe) Stefansen, 

She is survived by her sister Mary Lynne (Moe) Becktel and her brother and sister-in law, John and Cindy Moe of Avery, Idaho; her daughter, Inger Jeannine Peters of Guthrie, Oklahoma; and her daughter and son-in-law, Kathleen Sue (Peters) Scrimshire and Dale Scrimshire, of Mount Ida, Arkansas; her grandson and granddaughter-in-law, Jarrod and Erin Scrimshire, of Mount Ida, Arkansas, and two great-grandchildren, Landon and Raegan Scrimshire, of Mount Ida, Arkansas.

In keeping with her wishes, no formal memorial services are planned.  Memorial gifts in her name are welcomed to the organization of your choosing.  A few of her favorites were the Wounded Warrior Project and the ASPCA.  Additionally, Arkansas Hospice, Inc. who so gently cared for her and her family in her final days would also be an appropriate choice.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Beginnings of My Bus to Camper Conversion

Winkelman Architecture
Short BUS Retro
In the Fall of 2012 I saw a photo of a green bus that got me stirred up....

Afterwards I was determined to get an old bus....and do my own remodel.  It seemed like a great project for me and HE to complete.  He can fix anything that has a motor...and I figure myself quite handy with a bit of interior design, amateur woodworking skills, and a sewing machine.  What else would we need?

Time, Location, Patience! ....and Cash.  Here's a brief Time Line.... to get us caught up....
  • Sept 2012. Inspired by Winkelman Architecture 1959 Chevy Short Bus Retro.
  • Oct 2012. Found a 1947 Dodge on Craigslist...called...talked to the owner....but it seemed beyond my budget at the time...and I didn't think it was time to invest in a bus...or get my heart set on a mechanic. Did I mention it didn't have a motor?  
  • Dec 2012. My mechanic relocates to Kansas life?...5 hours away?...Time would tell if the mechanic was really interested...and I had no business owning a short bus without him!
  • Jan 2013 to May 2013. It became pretty clear. The mechanic and I were going to continue our partnership despite the temporary distance between us.  And when I mentioned the bus again...we both wondered if it was still available.
  • June-July 2013.  The very same bus...still available!  And despite my Mom's infamous deragtory statement upon seeing the early photos, I proceeded to purchase the best little bus I've ever seen.
I'll be posting some photos and videos of the adventure of loading and getting my bus home....and trying to keep up with the makeover as we slowly move forward.  We anticipate it will be done in time for our retirement years.....perfect timing for our first road trip!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Home Made Back Tab Curtains

Well I made 'em!  My west facing Oklahoma windows are threatening to heat up my home this summer...and give my air conditioner a run for MY money!  So I set out to sew my first set of back-tab curtain panels.

So onto Pinterest I went and I found lots of great ladies who had conquered this little "to-do".  I used the following pages as my inspiration/education resources: View Along the Way and Ana White . If you want to sew some of these for yourself...just get your notebook, tape measure and calculator...and cruise Pintrest for some great ideas.....

I won't go into great detail here.  Make yourself some sketches...decide how big your hems are gonna be..... I used a double 3 inch for the bottom and a 2 inch/ 4 inch for the top hem.

But I would mention this:  If you are new to sewing it will serve you well to remember the standard fabric widths.  Fabric is typically sold on bolts that come in standard widths.  For example, fabric on a bolt is usually folded in half...with right sides together...and on the end of the bolt you will see 44/45.  That means when you unfold the fabric it will be about 44-45 inches wide.  The big single ply rolls that are alway so mesmerizing to wander through....those are 54 inches wide.  You may occasionally find 35/36 width fabric...but just remember 44/45 and 54.  A good panel can be made with 44/45 inch fabric...  and I always buy an extra yard of fabric......cause I love fabric!

For a set of 2 panels (95 inches in length) for a standard window, I used 3 yards for each panel of 44/45" width decorator fabric. I asked the clerk to cut 3 pieces: 2 pieces of 3 yards each and 1 piece of 1 yard.  I got great advice from my good friend "Verna Lee"--she helped me decide to go with this beautiful "Filigree Butter" paisley print.  Love it!

Richloom Filligree Butter
I did line these panels with some black-out curtain liner...(trying to keep that hot sun out!) I bought 54" wide liner fabric...but it was much wider than I needed...I felt like I wasted alot..but it is what it is...

I used some 1/2" Electrical Metal Tubing (EMT) as my curtain rod.  I used a pipe cutter to customize the length and then sprayed with flat black spray paint.  I didn't even prime it since I'm not using rings.  And for an retro-industrial look I used some old door knobs as the finials.  They look nice and were pretty cheap! Enjoy the pics.

The EMT Coupler and the old door knob (pre-paint).

The 1/2" EMT I used as a curtain rod. (and the pipe cutter and a little yellow gripper I used to help twist the pipe) (Bad hands.)
The 5 inch strip that becomes the back tabs. Just folded in half and stiched.

The back tabs are 6 inches long.
Turned inside out....folded up 1 inch on each end and pressed/pinned.
All the back tabs....ready to go.
The black out liner...with a double 2 inch hem.
The finished product. lovely.  It might even be worth unpacking all my boxes I've been living out of for the last few months.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hello Mashed Potatoes!

The old Nelson's sign downtown Tulsa
Had a wonderful lunch at Nelson's Buffeteria while shopping in Tulsa Saturday.  I just stumbled upon it....never realized that they had such a history downtown (75 years in some shape or form) and were just newly reopened near 44th and Memorial (map)-The photo above is from the past...the downtown location-The food is wonderful...and from the reviews I read, close to the original menu.  What a find!  I ate the chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes (Hello!), gravy and green beans.  So heavenly!  Got there near closing time (2pm on Saturday) and the potatoes were running low.  "HELLO MASHED POTATOES" the server yelled out to the kitchen.  I only jumped half way out of my skin....he really startled me!  But yes...I agreed, Hello Mashed Potatoes!  I didn't want to miss out on these! They were delicious!  I do have to return soon. Reason: They were out of the homemade pies. And you know I can't not have the pie!  Guess I have more Tulsa shopping to come!

Monday, June 13, 2011

He Still Would Have Loved Tent City....Part 2.

It's that time of year again....2nd week in June.  Oklahoma Freewheel  Cross State Bicycle Tour is well underway without me.  I've never had a year like this...when I really wanted to go...but just couldn't.  Maybe next year.   I miss my Dad in June...and not just because of Father's Day this coming Sunday......Freewheel week is always bittersweet with memories of he got us much he loved camp and how he inspired my sister and I to believe we could do anything-whether it was on a bike or regarding life in general.   Love You Dad!    Photo: Gary Dean Peters (middle) and the Preacher's Boys. (Looks like a late season training ride, huh?)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Another Round of Limoncello di Avila?

My second batch of Limoncello is ready to go....I spent time Sunday getting the labels printed and assembled and also double filtering the liqueur.  Tonight was spent sterilizing bottles, filling, capping, and decorating with the usual ribbons and beaded caps.  I love the sound the caps make on the glass bottle.  It's like having a cocktail without even opening the bottle.  I have a few special folks on the list to recieve this batch...  Hope they enjoy!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Hermosa Chicks

Well we made it safely to and from Hermosa Beach, CA and the Peters household.  Grandpa and Grandma were well. Met some real nice folks, too! 

Cold and occasional rain....yes..we were in Southern California...checking the long range forecast next time I get a bug to book a trip!

We of course were able to find the absurd along our journey as documented photographically here. 

Monday, March 21, 2011


My sister is on her way to my house...we are taking a spring break trip to California to visit Grandfather.  I'm supposed to be cleaning my house and packing my bag..  But instead I have made a hell of a mess putting together this gift for her was 2 weeks ago (that's right...same day as mine...four years apart)....but hey...things like this take time!  I don't even care if she sees this mess of a house....I think she is gonna love it!  I have it sitting on the deck waiting for her to arrive....with it's "Mt. Ida" hitchhiker sign clearly indicating he is needing a ride back to her house later this week when we return!    

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Set.....Tomorrow I add the simple syrup to the Limoncello (45 days infused so far-another 45 to go)......Distilled water and Sugar!......   I have at least one friend anticipating the decanting in December....I think I need to start another batch......   Stay tuned.  P.S.  Check out my Flickr photo site under Galleries....I planted 100 daffodil bulbs Sunday, October 24th, 2010.  I have another 100 to plant in memory of my Maggie Mae!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Non-Flip-Flop Sister

I am not a good shoe shopper.  I love shoes. I used to say Nine West was my favorite store.  But then shoes went funky on me and I got left behind.  I didn't buy shoes for a while.  But shoes wear out and faced with the need to purchase new shoes, I ventured out looking.  Not buying.  But at least looking.  Practicing, I call it.  But all I see now are tons of shoes with a bit between the toes (like a horse bit)...commonly known as flip-flops.  (Formerly known as thongs but nobody wants to go there anymore)

I used to wear flip-flops.  But then I stopped.  I recently asked my sister, "When was the last time you saw me wearing flip flops?"  Oh she couldn't remember.  Grade school?  Maybe junior high?  "Somehow you have become the non-flip-flop sister," she announced.  Labels be damned, I say!  I will not be the non-flip-flop sister anymore. Not that I think that is such a bad thing.  I mean "Non-smoker" is a good thing, right? But what about "Non-flip-flop"?  How could something as innocent as a toe bit have precluded me from the world of fun summer shoes?  I vowed to re-enter the shoe world by conditioning my feet to the point that I could wear flip-flops again.  I dream of a whole world of shoes opening up to me once the feet are capable.  I calculated that a late summer purchase would give me time to ease into the wearing of the shoe and that by Spring 2011 I would be ready...or at least the feet would be.  I visited Nordstorms shoe site on line to browse.  I asked friends for recommendations....I thought it over.  I announced my intentions...I even shopped once or twice...but never bought any.   

But then my Mom was visiting Labor Day weekend.  I told her of my plan.  I think she likes a challange and so it was on....We found these lovely Teva Mandalyn Wedge flip flops.  Oh...the pattern/color?  Andante Kimono.  Very likely my first pair in 25 years! To think...flip-flops were always flat in the old you can get a good heel on these things.  I love them and really think this is going to work out perfectly.  A few observations however: 
  1. My feet are cramping more these past two weeks.  I suspect the shoes.  But I won't give in.  It will pass.
  2. I'm a fast walker....but you just can't go fast in these things...they are definitely a strolling shoe, hence "andante", a moderately slow pace.  Even the name of the shoe is whispering to me, "Slow down." And so I am slowing down, enjoying the relaxed pace-hoping I can adopt a similar state of mind as well.
  3. You shouldn't try to change directions too fast...of course this goes hand in hand with strolling (or would that be foot in foot? part and partial?....
  4. Maintaining presentable, well groomed, exfoliated and moisturized feet is a must when wearing these shoes.  Your foot is just about naked!  Nobody wants to see a dirty rough naked foot.  These shoes will require additional pedicures for the feet, whether professionally or personally performed. Oh well.  I think I can handle that.    
All in all I am pleased.  I'm adjusting well and should be a shoe buying machine (in training) come spring! Or at least that's my theory.  Either way, I got a nice pair of new shoes.  Thanks Mom!

Shop- The Beginning

I'm finally building on the land. Its been a long time coming...and the plans and the location have changed over the years since I first...